Tree Advice / Tree assessment

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Arborist Report for Tree Removal

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Tree Protection plans

Tree Advice / Tree Assessment

Whether you would like some impartial advice on tree pruning requirements or you would like a tree health assessment, we can help. We love to keep urban trees healthy, we can provide you with  a detailed guide to caring for your trees.


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Arborist Report for Tree Removal Permit Application

Arborist reports are required for Tree Removal Permit applications in the city of Toronto

We can help you with the process from tree assessment to application submission

Trees which are 100% dead or imminently hazardous will require a permit exemption. We can help you with that too

Arborist report & Tree Protection Plan for Development Applications

To ensure urban trees are protected during construction projects a Tree Protection Plan must accompany a development application.


We will include assessments of trees which are around construction activities & suggest measures that can be taken to protect them.


A replanting plan can be included if required



Soil testing & Vertical Mulching

The key to having healthy urban trees is to ensure that they are growing in healthy soil. Often urban soil is not allowing trees to reach their full potential.

Talk to us about how we can test your soil and make improvements to benefit your trees


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